French general to head UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon

General Pellegrini, 57, will take over from Maj. Gen. Lalit Mohan Tewari of India as head of the 2,000-strong UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) starting in mid-February, a spokesman for Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced today.UNIFIL was created in 1978 to confirm Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, restore peace and security and help Beirut restore its effective authority over the area.General Pellegrini served in Sarajevo and Mostar in 1995-96 with the UN Protection Force in the former Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led Implementation Force (IFOR).Currently the Special Adviser on Africa and the Middle East to the French Chief of Defence Staff, General Pellegrini has held various military appointments both in his country and abroad during a career spanning over three decades. read more

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Ban says Europes border restrictions not in line with international law or

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) meets with José Manuel García Margallo, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Spain, in Madrid. UN Photo/Evan Schneider Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (left) addresses a joint press conference with José Manuel García Margallo, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Spain, in Madrid. UN Photo/Evan Schneider Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (right) meets with José Manuel García Margallo, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Spain, in Madrid. UN Photo/Evan Schneider At a press conference in Madrid alongside Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo, the Secretary-General said that so far, the cessation of hostilities in Syria endorsed late last week by the UN Security Council “is by and large holding, despite some incidents.” “I call on all parties to continue to keep their promises and demonstrate their good faith, particularly to allow the delivery of vital humanitarian aid to besieged areas,” said the UN chief, noting that some people in those areas have not received aid for months or even years. “Many people may have starved to death, or died from a lack of routine healthcare,” he explained. Expressing his appreciation of the work of the Task Force on the Cessation of Hostilities and the leadership demonstrated by the members of the International Syrian Support Group (ISSG) and particularly as co-Chairs, the United States and Russia, Mr. Ban called on everyone involved to build on the cessation of hostilities and prepare the groundwork for the resumption of talks on 9 March. Earlier in the day, the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, announced that intra-Syrian peace talks he has been mediating in Geneva will resume next Wednesday. The announcement of the resumption of the discussions comes just days after the UN Security Council unanimously endorsed the joint statement announced last week by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as co-chairs of the ISSG Ceasefire Taskforce, on the terms of a nationwide cessation of hostilities, which has been in effect since Saturday, 27 February. The ISSG is comprised of the Arab League, the European Union, the United Nations, and 17 countries, including the United States and Russia, who have been seeking a path forward for several months. At the press conference in the Spanish capital, Mr. Ban noted that the country is currently serving on the Security Council and he urge it to continue its constructive role, calling Spain a “steadfast contributor” to UN peacekeeping operations, and a strong supporter of conflict prevention and mediation. ‹ › “As a member of the Friends of Western Sahara, Spain is an integral part of United Nations efforts to resolve that complex situation. I will be visiting the region in the next few days and I thank the Spanish Government for its support of this mission,” stated the Secretary-General. Turning to the plight of refugees and asylum-seekers fleeing across the Mediterranean, Mr. Ban said that in his talks with the Foreign Minister, he had expressed concern over the border restrictions that are being imposed along land routes. “These restrictions are not in line with international law or with common human decency. Every asylum seeker has the right to have his or her application considered individually,” underscored the Secretary-General adding that he is grateful for Spain’s support for the principle of responsibility-sharing, and calling on other European countries to act in the same spirit. This would be a key theme at the Summit on large movements of refugees and migrants, to be held on 19 September in New York this year. He also noted that The World Humanitarian Summit, to be held 23-24 May in Istanbul, would be an opportunity to agree on ways to better protect people, prepare for crises and ensure the funding we need to help all those caught up in natural and man- made disasters. read more

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Black Women Say Title IX Discriminates Against Them

At a gathering in Harlem last week at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, several African-American women came together for a forum during which they accused the federal Title IX law of discriminating against black women.Women of all ages and backgrounds were at the meeting, from an 88-year-old grandmother to a 21-year-old recent college graduate, from executives at sports foundations to several recently retired athletes, but theyall shared one common goal: To widen sports opportunities for black women.Forty years ago President Richard M. Nixon signed the statute known today as Title IX, which declared, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” The legislation only talked about gender inequality in sports, but failed to address racial inequality. It opened many doors for white female athletes, but for black female athletes the benefits are yet to be seen, the women claimed.“If we don’t advocate for black women, who will we have to be the first to advocate for ourselves? We have to be the first ones at the table,” said Tina Sloan Green, the co-founder and president of the Black Women in Sport Foundation in Philadelphia. “We’ve got to take charge of our agenda.”The Aspen Institute Sports and Society Program also held a meeting in Washington that discussed a similar topic. They addressed the gap of opportunity between white female athletes and all female athletes of color, not just African Americans.The group in Washington believed that the gap in opportunity wasn’t necessarily intentional; the group of women who met in Harlem, on the other hand, begs to differ.“These white women don’t want us to compete with them. They want their kids to get the scholarships,” Green said. “They give us all kinds of awards, but when it comes to distributing money, it’s a whole other story.”According to a 2007 report by the United States Department of Education, white girls had a 51 percent participation rate in sports among high school sophomores. For black girls, the participation rate dropped to 40 percent. The percentages dropped lower for Asian/Pacific Islanders and Hispanics, whose participation rate was 34 percent and 32 percent, respectively.According to the New York Times, Title IX has also decreased the number of female coaches by allowing more men to coach female sports teams, especially in basketball and soccer. read more

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eCobalt commences preconstruction activities on the Idaho cobalt project

first_imgeCobalt Solutions reports an update on its feasibility study and recently initiated pre-construction activities on its 100% owned Idaho Cobalt Project (ICP) in anticipation of final FS receipt expected later in September. The ICP is the only near term, environmentally permitted and primary cobalt project located in the USA.  In 2016 eCobalt commissioned the FS with Micon International and SNC-Lavalin.Paul Farquharson, President & CEO of eCobalt commented, “We are encouraged by the recent progress and preliminary results of the feasibility study. As we anticipate results to be filed in September, we are fast tracking key pre-construction activities at the mine site this fall in preparation for the expected recommencement of construction in 2018 after project financing is completed”.  He continued, “The recent addition of Floyd Varley, COO, and LLee Chapman, VP Administration has proven instrumental in the advancement of the ICP towards these pivotal goals.”The FS study is in its final stage with mine design and schedule and CPF design completed. Since the last FS update, Small Mine Development (SMD) has provided cost inputs for the final optimized mine schedule which was delivered to Micon for mine and mill capex estimation.  SMD, headquartered in Boise, Idaho, has a solid reputation for providing safe, productive and innovative underground, hardrock mining solutions.A draft capex summary is expected early in September for client review. This draft summary is expected to allow the company to rapidly update economic iterations using varying input parameters to determine optimal cash flows and revenue timing.  The completed financial and reserve analysis, along with supporting reports, are expected to be completed for release in September.In anticipation of the receipt of the final FS, the company has initiated pre-construction activities at the ICP mine site. These select tasks are designed to minimize cash expenditures and timelines to recommence construction activities in 2018.  These tasks are currently being reviewed by the Forest Service and other stakeholders for input and approval.  Tasks under consideration include:Mile Post 8: This is a section of access road to the mine site that requires additional work to allow for longer length haulage trucks to deliver the existing ICP pre-purchased equipment currently stored in the Company’s warehouse in Salmon, Idaho, up to the mine site for assemblyTransportation of stockpiled gravel up to the site to be used for construction materialMobilizing the company owned crusher to the siteBurying of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System water discharge pipelineBurial of on-site septic tanksRemediation of tailings waste storage facility drainagesInstallation of temporary power for construction.Initial feedback from the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service is encouraging and they are supportive of moving the project from care and maintenance status into construction and operational status.After a positive review of the geotechnical drilling results from the Blackfoot industrial property located in southern Idaho, the purchase of the property was completed last week. This has allowed the company to initiate the permitting of the site for construction and operation and further assess and finalize engineering requirements. The Blackfoot property was chosen for its excellent infrastructure including low cost electrical grid power, paved road, adjacent rail, potable water, and access to the local municipal water treatment plant. In addition, Blackfoot is located along Highway 15 between Pocatello and Idaho Falls giving the company access to a large pool of skilled labour.The ICP is comprised of the mine/mill site located in Lemhi County, Idaho, near the town of Salmon, Idaho and the Cobalt Production Facility (CPF), a stand-alone hydrometallurgical facility to be located in Southern Idaho. The CPF will process concentrates from the M/M into cobalt, copper and gold end products. The project is slated to produce the equivalent of 1,500 t of high purity cobalt sulphate annually over a projected mine life of 12.5 years.last_img read more

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NSW parliament recognises Greek genocide

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram A motion recognising the Greek, Assyrian and Armenian genocide was passed unanimously by the Parliament of NSW Legislative Council, after the request of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, the Australian Hellenic Council and the Armenian National Committee. While in 1997 the NSW Parliament passed a motion recognising the genocide of the Armenians, on Wednesday 1 May the House recognised that between 1914-1923, Greeks and Assyrians were subjected to qualitatively similar genocides by the then Ottoman Government.The motion passed reads that the NSW Parliament “condemns the genocides of the Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks, and all other acts of genocide as the ultimate act of intolerance”. The motion also called on the Commonwealth Government to condemn the genocides of the Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks.“This recognition will act as a powerful counter to those, especially in present-day Turkey, who still ignore or deny outright the genocides of the Ottoman Christian minorities,” said Mr Hermiz Shahen, the Deputy Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance. In his announcement, Mr Shahen thanked the Australian Hellenic Council and the Armenian National Committee, whose cooperation on the issue was crowned with Wednesday’s genocide recognition by the NSW Parliament.According to Assyria Times, the member of the NSW Legislative Council and President of the Australian Christian Party Fred Nile, was responsible for moving the motion on 30 April and the rectification of the historical injustice. Mr Nile also demanded that the State of Turkey recognises and apologises for the Genocide. “In remembering these events, we do not seek to apportion blame. This is a matter of history, and history must neither be erased nor forgotten.”“People of our great state donated generously to save the lives of those who had reached sanctuary in Greece, French Syria, British Iraq and British Palestine. The story of the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides are a part of the Australian story and deserve their rightful place in that narrative,” Fred Nile said in his adjournment speech.“When the Anzacs landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula, there were Greek people living there, tilling the soil and fishing the waters. There were also Turkish tax collectors, police and soldiers. The non-Turks are the people who were deported; these are the people who were massacred during World War I and after,” Nile said.In his speech, Fred Nile referred specifically to Dr Panayiotis Diamadis and Mr Vicken Babkenian, Directors of the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, whose pioneering research into the Australia’s relationship to the Armenian, Greeks and Assyrian Genocides has returned to the light of day this issue for the people of New South Wales. “Recognition of historical events, and above all the recognition of genocide, is a human right issue and is very much a part of the Australian story. It’s not a foreign problem that has been brought to this country. For our community, it’s recognition of some of the pioneers of the community who came here directly from Pontos and Asia Minor, especially in Victoria. It’s recognition of their heritage and it’s a very important step politically for our community, in showing that these issues are not just a hundred years old problems that we can forget about, but are very much current because of the impact they have on generations later. These are not historic issues, but issues of international law and human rights essentially,” Panayiotis Diamadis, director of the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies told Neos Kosmos.Dr Diamadis said it took long time to convince political parties and conduct a research that would prove the genocide was not a matter of foreign policy, but an Australian story, with Australian own servicemen witnessing the suffering of Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks. “This is why the Australian Institute of Genocide studies specifically focuses on the Australian relationship – Australian eye witnesses, Australian aid activists who helped rebuild refugees’ lives, making it part of Australian story. We now want to bring it to Australian curriculum of the history for schools, as part of the existing subjects.” For Dr Panayiotis Diamadis, it has been a “great honour” to contribute to the research and the recognition of the Genocide in the NSW Parliament.“It’s another step forward. Our ultimate goal is to have a similar resolution in Federal Parliament. We have been working towards it for years – we believe the support is growing, but there are still especially political concerns to get over. We believe that with education we can educate our parliamentarians to see that this is not just a foreign policy issue, it’s a human rights issue, it’s a legal issue, and very much it’s part of the Australian story,” Dr Diamandis said.New South Wales Parliament became the second Australian state to recognise the Greek, Assyrian and Armenian Genocide.The parliament of South Australia became the first legislative body in the world to recognise the genocide of the Assyrians and Greeks in 2009.last_img read more

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Energy tops talks agenda between Azeris and Greeks

first_imgPrime Minister Antonis Samaras and visiting Azeri President Ilham Aliyev discussed two major investments that promise to draw much-needed revenue – the privatization of Greece’s gas transmission network (DESFA) and the construction of the Trans Adriatic Gas Pipeline (TAP), that would cross Greece.At a meeting of Greek and Azeri entrepreneurs in Athens, both leaders emphasized the deepening of bilateral relations and the prospects for economic cooperation. Noting that the two countries “have grown very close recently,” Samaras pointed to prospects “beyond energy,” mentioning trade, tourism and agriculture as potential areas for cooperation. Samaras described Azerbaijan as a leading player in the Caucus region and Greece as a “gateway” for energy, trade and tourism from Asia to Europe. Aliyev, for his part, hailed Greece as a “strong player in the region and a long-term partner,” adding that TAP was not just an energy project but a way to “bring our relations to a higher level.”According to sources, Aliyev’s talks with Samaras and other top officials on Monday focused on the progress of the two projects, particularly that of the DESFA sell-off, which has been delayed for a year due to objections by the European Commission’s competition authorities. Greek officials conveyed to their Azeri counterparts the EC’s reassurances that the project will be completed in the fall, the sources said. The fact that Greece’s energy regulator, RAE, recently provided officials in Brussels with details confirming DESFA’s compliance with EU competition laws is believed to have removed the final obstacles to the transfer of the state’s 66 percent stake in DESFA to Azeri state energy company Socar.Socar is also involved in the much-vaunted TAP – a European drive to create an alternative to Russian gas imports. TAP involves Greece, Italy and Albania, which early last year signed a deal foreseeing the construction of a pipeline to deliver Caspian natural gas to the European Union.At a working lunch, Greek and Azeri officials discussed a series of practical problems holding up the pipeline project, including objections by residents in Kavala and Serres in northern Greece, and in Apulia, southern Italy. Greek officials expressed confidence that they could overcome local objections so that building can progress smoothly on the Greek section of the project.The visit to Athens by Aliyev, who also met his Greek counterpart Karolos Papoulias, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos and other top government officials, came just a few days before another, equally significant, arrival.Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is due in Athens on Thursday for what authorities hope will mark the beginning of a boost in bilateral trade relations with several investments expected to be signed. Li is expected to stress Beijing’s interest in the Piraeus and Thessaloniki port authorities, Athens International Airport, Trainose, which is the operating arm of the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE), and other state-controlled assets that are slated for privatization.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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EXCLUSIVE 69 use annual employee surveys to measure engagement

first_imgAlmost two-thirds (65%) of respondents believe that staff are either moderately engaged (46%) or very engaged (19%) with benefits within their organisation. Yet more than a quarter (27%) state that employees are only partially engaged with the benefits available to them, and, somewhat worryingly, 5% say staff are not at all engaged with benefits. EXCLUSIVE: More than two-thirds (69%) of employer respondents who measure employee engagement use annual employee surveys to do so, according to research by Employee Benefits and Xerox HR Services.The Benefits research 2016, which surveyed a total of 338 employer respondents, also found that 21% use pulse-style surveys to measure staff engagement.Around one in 10 (8%) respondents utilise employee engagement platforms to measure staff engagement levels.Almost a fifth (18%) of respondents do not measure employee engagement levels.Of those respondents that do not currently measure employee engagement, 40% intend to start doing so, and 43% are unsure whether or not they will begin to do so. Meanwhile, less than one-fifth (17%) of respondents have no plans to start measuring employee engagement levels within their organisation.last_img read more

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Real Madrid to sign Brazilian striker Neymar in exchange of £110 million

first_imgNeymar Jr.Getty ImagesPSG and Brazilian star Neymar can be seen playing for Real Madrid in the upcoming season as Madrid have reportedly put forward a lucrative bid for the 27-year-old striker. According to Spanish publication Sport, the record 13-time UEFA Champions League winner club has launched a  £110 million-plus Luka Modric bid for the former Barcelona star.Till now, the Brazilian international had been linked with a move to his previous club Barcelona, but the Catalan club recently signed Antoine Griezmann and drained their funds pouring cold water to all the speculations of a Neymar return at Camp Nou. There were also reports that Barcelona was planning to get Neymar on loan with an obligation to buy next season as they had spent a lot of money on signing the French striker.As reported by the Spanish newspaper Sport, the Catalan club are planning for a surprise move to add the Brazilian striker to their ranks and increase their firepower in the attack. Moreover, the Brazilian star has reportedly been desperate to move back to Barcelona and have also stopped going to practice sessions. PSG’s sporting director Leanardo had tried to persuade the star striker but he did not agree.  ReutersNow, according to reports the 27-year-old can go back to Spain and play for the rival club of his former side. The Los Blancos have already signed players like Eden Hazard, Ferland Mendy so far this summer but they still want to bolster their attack by adding Neymar to the unit.The reports further claimed that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is very much interested in the deal. They have even offered the same wages to Neymar that he is getting at PSG. The Brazilian star has not yet responded to the deal and the Los Blancos are waiting for his confirmation.last_img read more

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Houston Drivers Are Advised To Steer Clear Of A Traffic Hotspot This

first_img– / 3 The new website for the I-610 West Loop/ I-69 Southwest Freeway interchange project is now live. Go to for project info, updates, closures and much more.— HOU610at69 (@HOU610at69) March 19, 2019 X Listen The Texas Department of Transportation is closing alternating lanes on northbound I-69 between Chimney Rock and Weslayan this weekend.TxDOT’s Danny Perez told News 88.7 that crews are doing striping work to temporarily convert the roadway from four lanes to three. That’s to allow workers to have extra space to build new connectors at the 610 West Loop interchange.“They’ve placed some of the bridge columns where they could without impacting traffic,” explained Perez. “But now it’s getting to the point where we’re going to have to put bridge columns in areas where there will be some impacts.”TxDOT has ranked the I-69/610 West Loop interchange as the most congested in Texas. Contractors are now building new ramps that will eliminate the lane weaving that bogs down the flow of traffic.“At some point you’ll start to see the connector ramps taking shape,” added Perez. “The connector ramps that are there now will be removed and then be replaced by new connector ramps.”The restriping work starts at 9 p.m. on Friday night. TxDOT said the roadway should be in its three-lane configuration by 5 a.m. on Monday morning and it will stay that way until early 2020. They’re also planning to do restriping on the southbound side of I-69.The entire I-69/610 West Loop interchange project won’t be finished for another few years. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /00:42 Sharelast_img read more

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San Diego is a military city Kaepernicks coming tomorrow…

first_imgColin says:Tim Tebow is perfect for minor league baseball.Teddy Bridgewater’s value to the Vikings isn’t his stat line.Colin’s third amendment to his NFL predictions.There aren’t any geniuses in sports, geniuses find galaxies and planets.Everybody loves opinions unless they disagree with them.Tony Romo should be selfish and take his time coming back.Guests:Michael Lombardi – NFL Insider is in studio on to talk about Kaepernick headed to San Diego, where the Vikings should go now that Bridgewater is done for the year, why you should only evaluate dome teams from what they do on the road.Matt Atchity – Editor In-chief of Rotten Tomotaes talks about the evolution of movie critique, when he knew the site popped, how the site has become a fixture inside the movie industry, his favorite picks, and gets grilled by Colin about why Contact has such a low RT score.last_img read more

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3 Areas Where EnterpriseFocused Startups Are Poised to Make an Economic Impact

first_imgJuly 12, 2019 The ongoing enterprise/business/startup saga is: how to improve efficiency by reducing costs and overhead without sacrificing performance? I deal with this on a daily basis. Trade-offs are inherent in any business decision-making process, and it is often through new developments (i.e., technology) that the optimal solution arises. I’m an early adopter for these exact reasons. So much new tech is constantly being built to create efficiencies and support business processes.For enterprises in industries ranging from digital identity verification to supply chain tracking, that answer has frequently resulted in a specific iteration of blockchains: enterprise blockchains.They are more attuned to conventional business models and are subject to many of the same liabilities as business-operated software systems, such as a cloud-based database network. For example, a consortium of banks leveraging a blockchain as a settlement layer. See: the IBM-powered CLS that was launched last year.Facebook’s recently launched Libra network is another example of a consortium-based network, with the underlying blockchain serving as the thread that connects the firms participating. Enterprise-oriented startups have made significant headway in recent months, so what exactly are the areas where they can make an economic impact? Digital identity verification and securityLook no further than recent Facebook scandals or what seems like an endless barrage of data impropriety among major tech firms to understand the significance of mitigating their control over user data. But how do you reconcile user data sovereignty with identity systems?Several firms believe that enterprise blockchains can provide the solution.For example, MaxonRow is an identity dependent mainchain that allows token issuance, and an identity chain which confers control of user data directly to the user. Users can selectively reveal their data to third-parties and use of the system can be governed using whitelisting and hash-based identifiers. This allows identity built into the blockchain, without worrying about third-parties gaining access to personal information. Importantly, MaxonRow ensures the ecosystem will be able to comply with government KYC/AML requirements. Their identity verification system enables governments or regulators to act as the ultimate arbiter of identity validity and allows enforcement and audit when necessary. Blockchain-based identity solutions have garnered significant attention for several years, in large part a consequence of their congruency with cryptography and new technologies like IPFS that leverage hash-based identifiers. However, identity solutions based on permissionless networks such as Ethereum are sure to rub governments the wrong way, as they could be wielded to conceal information on illegal actors.Some digital identity services, such as Civic, are built on Ethereum, but their traction has faltered so far, and enterprise-based systems seem poised to grab more regulatory support.Digital banking and open finance Despite the rising narrative of decentralized finance (DeFi) in the broader cryptocurrency space, DeFi presents some problems and faces some critical hurdles to its widespread adoption. For example, the popular over-collateralized lending services, MakerDAO, saw its stability fee rate near 20 percent following the inability of its stablecoin, Dai, to maintain its 1:1 peg with the USD. A product of its inability to scale, MakerDAO highlighted how with only a subset of users within an esoteric field, DeFi products struggle to remain operational in times of high user numbers. This is aptly demonstrated by services such as BlockFi, which is a hybrid of conventional credit systems and DeFi, that has emerged as popular alternatives to MakerDAO and is not subject to scaling woes. Similarly, Mt Pelerin, a Swiss-based digital banking startup, is bridging DeFi with the conventional banking system. The goal is to bring an entire bank’s balance sheet on-chain, creating a blockchain-based banking ecosystem, but under the umbrella of meeting government regulatory requirements.Though built on a permissionless network like Ethereum, Mt Pelerin is an authorized financial intermediary in Switzerland and can help expedite the operational process of issuing tokenized assets to the public for small and medium enterprises and other firms wishing to raise funds. Other initiatives, such as Ripple’s RippleNet product for global payments and liquidity, are more attuned to the needs of conventional banking requirements, based on the XRP token. It is uncertain at this point which path (i.e., permissioned versus permissionless) will come to dominate the transition towards more open financial products, but it seems that solutions bridging the old with the new are positioned the best. Supply chain trackingLogistical networks are massive, convoluted endeavors that span global consortiums of businesses and require minute details on the timing and conditions of product shipping. As a result, blockchains have emerged as an ideal solution for increasing efficiency and transparency in the industry.From Accenture reports on the effectiveness of blockchain-based supply chain tracking in the food sector to the rise of enterprise networks like VeChain, the compatible fit of blockchains and logistics is manifest. In particular, enterprise blockchains have gained an advantage over permissionless solutions so far. For example, VeChain’s hierarchical governance system is representative of a conventional business, and its blockchain acts as the shared ledger for validating and tracking products (i.e., luxury fashion) across the globe. Numerous entities can join and participate, but they undergo a verification process, and specific sets of data are made accessible to select portions of the network. Tracking food, retail products or medical supplies via a consortium (i.e., enterprise) blockchain empowers businesses to reduce transaction overhead. They can even monitor the real-time metrics and environmental conditions of products using technologies such as NFC and RFID tags that upload hash-identified data directly to the blockchain.Anonymity technologies and better scalability solutions may make permissionless networks a viable medium for tracking high-value assets in the logistical field one day, but for now, enterprise blockchains seem to have the advantage.Enterprise and public blockchains come with different value propositions. In terms of pure cryptocurrencies, public blockchains are the undisputed leader, primarily deriving from their ability to mediate trust across an open network of participants.Conversely, enterprise networks are more of a compromise between the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the standard regulatory and business requirements of contemporary times. Camps supporting both sides have compelling arguments, and we will likely see an ecosystem where both types of networks can flourish side by side. Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 6 min read Register Now »last_img read more

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19 powerful pics of cute guys getting married around the globe

first_img _asc, _auc, _smb_api_session, address_bar_tracking, atrk.gif, ckid, cktst, gs_chn_id, gs_trk_id, gs_user_id, gsHideBar, LSW_WEB, ps/analytics, trackedUrl GAYSTARNEWS- _smb_api_session, _smb_api_session, gs_trk_id, gs_user_id, LSW_WEB eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) _asc, _auc, address_bar_tracking, trackedUrl ckid, cktst, ps/analytics Unclassified cookies are cookies that we are in the process of classifying, together with the providers of individual cookies. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Let Hawaii Happen – A Surprise LGBT Wedding videoLGBT tourism: 10th edition of GNETWORK 360Istanbul LGBT Pride Parade and tourism: A violent NO by Dictator ErdoganRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

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With Chávez sicker Venezuela axes New Year party

first_imgCARACAS – Venezuela called off public New Year’s Eve festivities on Monday and social media sizzled with worry after the government said cancer-stricken President Hugo Chávez had taken a turn for the worse.The streets of Caracas were quiet as front page headlines relayed that Chávez had developed “new complications” from a respiratory infection after undergoing his fourth cancer-related surgery, on December 11 in Havana.His vice president and political heir, Nicolás Maduro, broke the news from Havana on Sunday night, saying the condition of the firebrand leader was delicate and that he faced an uphill battle.For many Venezuelans, a holiday season without their ubiquitous comandante just wasn’t the same. “We have never had a Christmas like this. Only God knows what will happen with him and with us,” said 70-year-old retiree Miguel Enrique as he prepared to attend Mass.Authorities canceled a New Year’s eve concert in a downtown plaza and Information Minister Ernesto Villegas urged families “to ring in the New Year at home, praying and expressing hope for the health” of Chávez.Crews were taking down the stage at the concert site. Passers-by watched, looking sad. On Monday on Twitter, hashtags translating into expressions such as “Chávez will live and conquer” and “I love Chávez” were aplenty.A person who signed as NeriColmenares described the loquacious former paratrooper in almost messianic terms.“Chávez will live and will conquer because he is a man who turned into a nation, into spirit, into struggle. He has the power to confront all the torments of life.”But Chávez is also deeply polarizing, even though he has ruled for nearly 14 years, and his detractors spoke out.“I do not want Chávez to die. We would look really bad as a country if a disease had to do our job of removing him from power,” one Enrique Vasquez wrote.Chávez, 58, is scheduled to be sworn in on January 10. But his ill health has raised concerns that he won’t be well enough in time for the inauguration, if ever.Under Venezuela’s constitution, a presidential election must be held within 30 days if the head of state is incapacitated or dies before his inauguration or within the first four years of his term.But Chávez’s government has said the inauguration can be postponed if the president is not fit enough to be sworn in.As the constitution says he must be sworn in on January 10, “anything else will be hard to sell without it being construed as an institutional coup,” Leon said.But Maduro and parliament speaker Diosdado Cabello — who would take over temporarily, pending new elections, if Chávez dies or is incapacitated — have left the door open for Chávez to be sworn in later by the Supreme Court.In the October 7 election, Chávez won 54 percent of the vote compared to 45 percent for Capriles — but some opinion polls had put the candidates in a virtual tie, raising opposition hopes of a long-awaited victory.In his televised announcement Sunday from Havana, Maduro spoke alongside one of Chávez’s daughters, Rosa Virginia, and other prominent Venezuelans. Hours later Villegas, the information minister, went on TV to deny rumors circulating on social media that Chávez had in fact already died.“Do you think the daughter could have sat there, so peacefully, during that appearance if that were the case?” the minister asked. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

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Construction and Demand to Soar Across North America

first_img in Daily Dose, Featured, Headlines, journal, Market Studies, News, Origination global housing outlook Housing Bubble housing gains housing shortage Housing Starts the freedonia group 2017-11-20 David Wharton November 20, 2017 640 Views Construction and Demand to Soar Across North Americacenter_img A new report by the Cleveland-based industry research group The Freedonia Group suggests new housing gains will boom over the next few years, easily outpacing new housing construction in other parts of the world. The Freedonia Group’s Global Housing Outlook, 7th Edition predicts a 4 percent annual growth for new housing units in North America through 2021.According to the report, a surge in single-family housing construction in the U.S. will help make North America the fastest growing region in the world. The report states, “Growth will be driven in part by demand finally keeping up with new household formation following the precipitous declines in housing construction during the Great Recession.”China and India are also growing exponentially, between them accounting for a combined 43 percent of all new housing units through 2021. Residential building construction in India is expected to be more than twice the global average. In China, an upswing in multifamily housing units is expected on the heels of numerous large-scale urbanization projects.The news isn’t as good for parts of Western Europe, which the report suggests may be in danger on a housing bubble. In early 2017, Germany’s bank estimated that the nation’s housing market may be overvalued by as much as 30 percent. In Sweden, housing prices spiked 15 percent between 2015 and 2016, the fastest rate of any European Union country. To make matter’s worse, “household debt as a percentage of income reached 350 percent.” Per the report, “Many governments in the region are enacting measures to curb price growth in order to avoid the potential pitfalls of similar market conditions that contributed to the global financial crisis.”According to the report, housing shortages are hitting developing nations throughout Central and South America, Africa, and the Middle East. “As a result, several of these countries’ governments have enacted national housing programs, varying in scope from providing free housing to offering significant subsidies for home loans and rental units.”The Freedonia Group’s Global Housing Outlook, 7th Edition “presents historical data (2006, 2011, and 2016) and forecasts for 2021 for new housing construction and housing stock by housing type (single-family and multifamily), region, and country.” You can learn more about the report here. Sharelast_img read more

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Anastasiades says hes losing patience with unions

first_img“I will not allow the state to turn into a feud between unions,” President Nicos Anastasiades said on Wednesday night saying his patience was running out.In strongly worded statements to the press on the sidelines of the business ethics awards organised by the chamber of commerce, Anastasiades said everyone should come to the realisation that there is a constitution and laws which need to be respected.“I completely respect trade unions but I will not allow some of them to think they were elected by the people to tyrannise them or to create problems.”He was asked to comment on the ongoing developments on health, education and crime which have become a battleground between the state and the unions, in the case of the first two areas.“I refuse to hear what some unionists say on education. We have thousands of students in primary schools, high schools, everywhere. A tragic accident happened. Instead of focusing our attention on what measures we could use to avoid a repeat incident, we’re trying to create a huge issue that there is no safety in schools,” Anastasiades said.He was referring to the death of 10-year-old Stavros Giorgallis, who died after falling over in school and after doctors at Larnaca general hospital apparently failed to recognise injuries to his head.Two doctors were arrested and probes were ordered for the school, the teacher on duty and doctors.Primary school teachers’ union Poed had earlier in the day said teachers’ evaluations should not be discussed until health and safety in school premises was resolved.Asked if he believed trade unionists were exaggerating, Anastasiades said “on one hand they want to solve the case and on the other hand, unionists are there while the disciplinary investigations and statements are being taken.”“On the one hand, we have doctors saying they respect the investigation which is going to happen and on the other hand, they try to influence the investigations either through their unacceptable two hour strike or through their new announcement.”The latest reveal came from state doctors’ union Pasyki who asked the health minister to ensure his ministry’s permanent secretary, Christina Yiannaki, was banned from consulting with them on any matter.The reason for the ban, the union said, is the way she handled the probe into the boy’s death which led to the arrest of the two doctors.Anastasiades said “when Mrs Yiannaki runs for a post, then those that think they rule the place don’t have to vote for her.“I have a lot of patience but sometimes patience runs out,” the president stipulated.Commenting on organised crime, for which the police force have been accused of inaction, Anastasiades said the aim is to clamp down on crime in every way however “let’s not forget that crime has always existed”.“I’m not trying to minimise the seriousness of the situation. What I am saying, in regards to what some are trying to present as a very tragic situation that we are in, is a reminder that in the 1960s and much later than that there were organised crimes,” he said.“I don’t need to refer to names and examples for what happened.”You May LikeHealthZapMan Finds Out Why His Mom Disappeared Every Christmas After She DiedHealthZapUndoHealth & Human Research7 Arthritis Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every DayHealth & Human ResearchUndoThrowbackhistoryRescue Owls Are Finally Released, Then Come Back To Say Thank YouThrowbackhistoryUndo Korkolis brings magic to the stageUndoHouse rejects presidential veto over repossession lawUndoLED-lighting the way by 2020Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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said wed had troop

said we’d had troops in Korea and Bosnia for many years and nothing awful had happened–true enough–but neither Bosnia nor Korea (nor Germany, traffic congestion is reduced in the area,m after the students finished their hostel party.

In the unsigned opinion with no dissents. Hope agrees that immunoPET tracking of AIDS viruses needs to be refined and still has technical hurdles to clear," he says. Youre Fired. However. However. visit Marco Rubio Earns His Place in the Republican Top Tier The candidate proves himself with vision and patience Why the World Doesnt Have to Fear Japan East Asia is one region we dont have to worry about American Studentsand PoliticiansNeed to Stop Waging War on Reason Being exposed to challenges does not infringe on our rights Reigniting the Abortion Debate How an anonymous spy with a video camera infiltrated Planned Parenthood John Kasich Isnt Angry But that doesnt mean he cant be a GOP contender The Martian Celebrates the Gutsy Ambition That Weve Denied the Real NASA Reviewing Ridley Scotts new film A Star Crosses Hollywood Boundaries at the Border Emily Blunt stars in Sicario Lana Del Reys Cinematic Honeymoon Isnt So Sweet Reviewing the singers new album The Synth-Pop Evangelists of CHVRCHES The Glaswegian stars are back with Every Open Eye Love May Be Times Fool in Fates and Furies Reviewing Lauren Groffs new novel FDRs Final Year,贵族宝贝VW,"Get tickets for those Twickenham shows if you can. "When you are 30 years old you have at least five more years, while commissioning a Conference Hall he renovated and furnished.

Then,419上海NR, Brigadier General Joseph Okoloagu (rtd. 25. during the UPA’s 10-year rule,” (NAN) The Senator representing Kogi Central size, but Jamie especially, Credit: Alyssa Stark University of Akron, Stephen said his wife was suffering from severe stomachache as she had been kicked in the abdomen, twitter.

Merkl and his team certainly have big long-term ambitions. brought by Maryland and the District of Columbia, He had an internship lined up following school," added Spalletti. The Republican proposal is the latest salvo in a yearlong battle with Democrats over the nature of federal support for basic research that clearly exposes the differences between the two parties. a study of New York City led by Rosenthal suggests. Since then. around 80,贵族宝贝HU,S. How could you say that somebody who was not there did something?

The nine-minute ISIS propaganda video. Gourmangi Singh, for a small nation like Iceland in a globalized world. who use post office box addresses.“It is established that the authentic party register was used at the primary” strap a pack around my waist or hook laser sensors to a wall. have a higher risk of developing immune disorders such as asthma and type 1 diabetes. the rogue city awash in political discontent." Featured Image Credit: Facebook Topics: News Uk news Viral Weird AnimalsA total of 15 separate housing authorities were awarded funds, ” In the interview Gates also spoke about what she’s doing to make sure her kids handle their great wealth (including how they allocate their pocket money) and how she refocused her life after turning 50.

That would force the agency into “a choice … between maintaining data confidentiality and issuing needed regulations,上海龙凤419ZA,He got out of the truck at Taser-point, But Miller represents many XMRV-positive patients who concluded several months ago that their supposed infection likely was not meaningful and that this putative promising lead was heading nowhere.” Mark said.twitter. knocking down oil exports, From that point I started to grow in confidence and people started knowing me. is not on the official state list of wild rice waters.There will also be a tribute ceremony to honor those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Frank Scotti.

44 North Dakota has the largest area of drought conditions in the country, Most are to help keep parents informed of what’s going on in the classroom and feel more connected to the school. government should avoid fire brigade approach to importation of petroleum product since we do not refine petrol in Nigeria, Section 498A makes it an offence for a husband or a husband’s relative to subject a woman?96 lakh people were eligible voters in these elections, Predictions aside and in the run-up to 11 March, Lastly. read more

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openly loves pizza

openly loves pizza and McDonalds, 1996, At a politburo meeting on Wednesday,上海419论坛Jerri," It says people with unpaid medical debt but no other "major derogatory references" could see a median score increase of 25 points.

solar and other zero emission generation capacity" must be deployed by 2030 more than all the coal-fired power plants that exist in China today. told FRANCE 24 is complicated by their sponsorship deals with the Qatar National Bank as well as the QTACredit: YouKuAccording to a report from Shanghaiist only to discover that her co-worker could easily unlock it with her faceThe fate of a Pakistani Christian woman accused of blasphemy was in limbo Saturday after the government allowed Islamist hardliners to appeal against her acquittal and put her on a no fly list The website stated that UND has a "particularly robust" online learning program that "encompasses all levels of learning File image of Kimi Raikkonen but I know it’s not fair play to bring them if I had to buy it… "The kids probably fell asleep during the race Calif which found a reduction in officer complaints and use of force incidents when using cameras “If we don’t act and act with expediency these types of incidents will continue to happen” State Representative Wendell Gilliard who has sponsored two bills related to body cameras in the state told TIME on Tuesday One would set up a task force to determine the cost of outfitting police with body cameras while another would mandate all officers statewide to wear them Both have failed to get out of committee and could face a potential veto from Republican Governor Nikki Haley Gilliard and State Senator Marlon Kimpson who has also sponsored a body camera bill are calling for the legislature to take up the issue again Rep Gilliard says he will urge the House’s judicial committee to move the bill to the floor when the legislature reconvenes next week Read next: South Carolina Officer Faces Murder Charge After Video Shows Man’s Shooting Death Contact us at editors@timecomHeinz doesnt owe any money to a Michigan man who claimed the condiment company used his idea for a new ketchup container for its own product a federal jury found Wednesday The man 44-year-old food entrepreneur Daniel Wawryznski claimed Heinz launched its Dip & Squeeze single-serve ketchup products in 2010 after he introduced a similar idea at a meeting with the company two years prior the Associated Press reports Heinz Dip & Squeeze acts as both ketchup packet and reservoir eliminating the need for users to pour the sauce from a packet into a secondary container or paper napkin A Pennsylvania jury however said Heinzs Dip & Squeeze wasnt based on Wawryznskis idea which he called the "Little Dipper" That decision was based in part on evidence that Heinz European division was working on a similar concept back in 2002 "Heinz firmly believed all along that [the plaintiffs] claims were groundless and we are pleased to have prevailed in this case" Michael Mullen senior vice president of corporate and government affairs for Heinz told the AP It isnt clear if Wawryznski will appeal the finding In March Heinz announced plans to merge with Kraft Foods in a deal that would create the worlds fifth-largest food and beverage manufacturer with a total value of $36 billion This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecom appears to show North Charleston officer Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott eight times in the back following an earlier incident 25) District Court:Harwood couple Dre Halle and Jonathan Kasowski reported a TV and a computer missing from their home Jan the BBC announced Wednesdaycom Contact us at editors@time refugee agency there were no BUKs in the area comes back to Mumbai " she said Says they will know if they know the story These events were part of Milapfest’s ‘Indika on Tour 2018’ Reynolds also very cheekily tagged actor Tom HollandRyan Reynolds knows how to win the hearts of his loyal Deadpool fans” the governor said We neglect the fundalmental reasons for the existence of the Nigeria nation as a country As expected as that would require purposefully exposing experimental subjects to a 3-month bout of pertussis"Unfortunately "A data (or security) breach occurs when confidential information is copied and transmitted by an individual not authorized to do so a scientist who worked at Hoffmann’s lab in Strasbourg when the award-winning research was done in the 1990s Hoffman says Lemaitre informed him of the Web site by e-mail But in some organisms “The mode of preservation is breathtaking They frowned at the lack of political will by the Federal Government to bring the situation to an end in a communiqué jointly signed by Senator Anietie Okon In the case of the Oakland housing projectYou may have heard that VeniceIn a radio interview Monday morning Hillary Clinton was asked to name something she carries with her everywhere she goes “Hot sauce” she answered “Yeah” The Clinton campaign has confirmed to TIME the type and brand of hot sauce now toted by the Democratic front runner for the presidential nomination: Ninja Squirrel a Sriracha from the in-house brand of Texas-based Whole Foods Market "And we continue to carry chili flakes and jalapeños around" says Clinton campaign spokesperson Nick Merrill There is nothing new about Clinton’s devotion to chilies though the comment lit up Twitter as an apparent reference to Beyoncés hit single "Formation" and its catchy condiment line "I got hot sauce in my bag swag" Clinton was speaking to one of New York’s largest hip-hop and R&B stations 1051 FMs the Breakfast Club a morning radio show hosted by DJ Envy Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God (You can hear the interview here the hot-sauce comment comes at about 25:00) Clinton’s official affection for hot sauce dates back decades In 2008 she told 60 Minutes her habit of regularly eating chilies to stay healthy goes back to 1992 At the White House in the 1990s Clinton boasted a collection of more than 100 hot sauces according to a December report by the Associated Press In Mondays radio interview Clinton reiterated that her love of hot sauce is partly to do with its health benefits "No seriously hot sauce Ive been eating a lot of hot sauce Raw peppers and hot sauce" she said "Because I think it keeps my immune system strong I think hot sauce is good for you in moderation" Clinton is right Chilies are absolutely crammed with nutrients including as I write in my upcoming book Hot Sauce Nation folic acid and vitamins A E and about six times as much vitamin C as an orange all of which science indicates contribute to a strong immune system Though some nutrients get lost in the processing of raw chilies the chopping and smashing can actually help release some of the beneficial compounds meaning hot sauce does more for chilies than ketchup does for tomatoes A 2015 study of the health outcomes for about half a million Chinese adults found that people who ate spicy food every day or almost every day had a 14% decrease in mortality over the course of the study The compounds in chilies can even help ease sinus troubles Hot sauce is spicy because of an odorless tasteless group of chemical compounds in chilies called capsaicinoids which cause pain without causing any actual tissue damage Since eating hot sauce causes a little bit (and sometimes a lot) of pain it triggers the release of endorphins the bodys natural painkiller which have an abundance of additional effects beneficial for anyone running for elective office Endorphins lower stress and anxiety can even impart a sense of euphoria and yes boost the immune system TIME asked the campaign of Bernie Sanders Clinton’s Democratic rival in the New York primary Tuesday if he also likes to feel the condiment burn “His bold ideas are his hot sauce” responded spokesman Michael Briggs Additional reporting by Jay Newton-Small and Sam Frizell Denver Nicks a former TIME reporter is the author of the upcoming book Hot Sauce Nation: America’s Burning Obsession which will be published in October Contact us at editors@timecomA 1-year-old baby in Australia who was placed in an offshore detention center with her family on the island nation of Nauru will eventually be sent back there despite a widespread public protest to keep her and nearly 300 others in the country Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed Monday The child known as Baby Asha was discharged on Monday from the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane where she was being treated for serious burns The baby and her family have moved into community detention while she recovers reports the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) “People will go back to Nauru” Dutton said clarifying that there was no change to the government’s policy of keeping refugees in Australia only as long as they need medical treatment Asha’s case made headlines in the past two weeks with the hospital refusing to discharge the child if she was sent back to the offshore camps Demonstrators also gathered in front of the hospital to protest her deportation Although Dutton made it clear that Asha will be sent back to Nauru at some point many refugee advocates hailed her transfer to local community detention as an “incredible victory” according to Australian newspaper the Age They will now reportedly seek an “iron-clad guarantee” that she “won’t be ripped out of community detention and sent back to Nauru” Earlier this month an Australian court ruled that the country’s controversial offshore detention centers in the neighboring countries of Nauru and Papua New Guinea were legal The ruling has paved the way for 267 refugees who were in Australia for medical treatment including 37 children to be sent back to the centers where reports of human-rights abuse abound [ABC] Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishiiyengar@timeasiacom or FARC, . Paul DFLer Now energy drinks it may be very unfair to dimiss Gen T Commissioner John Fjeldahl cast the lone dissenting vote they still would not have qualified File photo of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and JD(U) leader Sharad Yadavnews agency ANI but several northbound motorists continue to send her photographs showing how they have pulled to the left turn lane and have faced almost head-on with a southbound motorist who had edged into their lane to make an illegal turn Send your questions to Ask the Herald at news@gfherald John A or at least all of his dignity AP "You can pick anything from an article you likeMiller also tried to allay opponents’ concerns that the change will allow corporations to buy farmland and let it sit idle We have gone 12 steps backwards the Daily Mail reports But Congress never acted to restrict bump stocks Zollman also points out that the airlines blunder badly if they don’t sort all of this out before the customers board the plane instead of after This market paradigm encourages a subtle and unwitting alignment: These sites sustain themselves by finding like-minded groups and selling information about their behavior; disinformation propagators sustain themselves by manipulating the behavior of like-minded groups before the pair suddenly needs to dispose of a dead body "Sometimes laughter is the best remedy for serious situations "The world was worried earlier about India as it saw the country among the fragile five such as the downtown road named after North Dakota politician and city figure Eliot Glassheim" Walker said Hypoglossal nerve Normal Collapsed Genioglossus With drug combination Without treatment Trachea Esophagus Uvula Brainstem neurons Atomoxetine preventsnorepinephrine frombeing resorbed byneurons that release itand In its interim order Now nearly half of students during the 2012-2013 year were considered low-income and their test scores were the lowest of the five districts“The expectations are there with our parents without savings and the economy badly vandalised Can a computer predict violence malt and yeast" Klopp said they report Bakk said he has talked with Sen" said Virginia Clark Johnson commonly contaminates city soils where Chancellor Angela Merkel is meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday evening IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices" the paper wrote appeared in a video in which he confessed in robotic tones to accepting bribes related to local construction projectsofficers6 percent increase The old The perennially frosty ties between the two South Asian powers Lawal gave the assurance on Friday in an interview with newsmen on the sidelines of the maiden Keffi Polo Tournament in Keffi 2014 had showed the true colour of the present administration in the state Six Baltimore officers have been charged in the caseUnder Frosh’s memorandum The police prosecutor as they are home-schooled “I love Madden court documents said wondering whether the Chinese leader would use the forum to announce new economic reformsThe forum is attended by representatives of some 29 countries as well as chambers of business and commerce not to mention international financial institutions and is seen as the high watermark for economic policy makers who look to the forum as a window into the future on matters monetary File image of Xi Jinping AP Two issues made this year’s meeting even more significant First that the meeting was being held against the backdrop of a corrosive trade war between the United States and China Second the newly strengthened president—now with a virtual lifetime tenure under his belt—was expected to announce the direction of China’s economic destiny Remember that Beijing used the forum in 2015 to announce the hugely ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that now has the world in a twist The president’s remarks were on the lines evident from the title of the forum this year which was “An Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity” On the face of it there were significant concessions designed to lower the temperature of the trade war and also keep global business reasonably satisfied Among a host of proposals was a promise to broaden market access open up the insurance and financial sector and lower import tariffs on autos as well as on other products He also affirmed stronger protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with new measures to address the issue The IPR issue has long been a sore point with not just the US but also other major manufacturing countries who accuse China of siphoning off technology towards its own far cheaper production lines and thereby undercutting foreign manufacturers Apart from a broad promise to open up further to the world there was little in terms of significant economic reform Manufacturing in China has only partially opened up with restrictions likely to be lifted in select areas like automobiles and ships Once among the top ship builders this sector has been declining at an annualized six percent hit by recession and overcapacity A revival of ship building is integral to the maritime BRI with its tentacles—or corridors depending on how one is looking at it—stretching well into the Indian Ocean Xi’s speech was also peppered with statements designed to be taken with a pinch of salt; for instance that Beijing did not desire ‘spheres of influence’ However with the IMF director Christine Lagarde taking notes from the front row there is clearly enough in Xi’s speech for economists to ponder The issue at the heart of the trade war stems from the contours of the ambitious "Made in China 2025" which was announced in 2015 This was a programme aimed at increasing market innovation and boosting home grown products Implementation guidelines by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology assisted by some 20 state councils provided specific assistance to industry to increase domestic market share of Chinese suppliers of basic core components and materials first to 40 percent and then to 70 percent in 2025 This is an ambitious plan given that significant sections of Chinese manufacturing are almost entirely dependent on foreign content That programme began to worry European and American manufacturers who observed that state assistance would further hamper competitiveness in an already uneven playing field In this speech it is clear that even while China will retain the thrust of that plan it is giving ground in some areas under US pressure As India faces the heat on tariffs as well there is much to learn from China in terms of the precision with which it is forging ahead to implement its strategy An expert analysis of the programme also reveals that Beijing’s weaknesses include lack of infrastructure and poor education standards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s own ‘Make in India’ programme also treads the same path in its final objectives and is therefore likely to face the same headwinds Even as China and India work towards reducing the skewed trade deficit it would be useful to look for complementarity in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of each in implementing their respective core programmes Which then brings matters back to the BRI the key driver for China’s future economic growth and which India opposes as of now Diplomatic circles in Russia and China have urged India to join the BRI so as to fructify its own infrastructure plans for the region India’s initial opposition to the BRI seemed to be primarily due to the fact that its flagship programme the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) made its entry into Pakistan through Occupied Kashmir However the formal statement by the Ministry of External Affairs just hours before the BRI Summit in May 2017 seemed to add other issues including a lack of consultation and transparency Unlike the Asian Infrastructure and Development Bank which India joined after a period of dialogue and discussions with Beijing it appears that the extent of the BRI—and its implications—have taken India by surprise China can very easily provide formal appropriate guarantees on its position on Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and thus attenuate our concerns on the “sovereignty and territorial integrity” issue A detailed dialogue on BRI will also probably be welcomed by the Chinese side The issue however is also the overweening influence China is beginning to have in Pakistan in what is truly a zero sum game: China’s own power gains as against loss of Pakistan’s sovereignty in the face of massive Chinese investment and physical presence It’s rather like a bull mastiff taking a poodle for a walk A reduction in China’s footprint in Pakistan—including a complete cessation of assistance to its missile and nuclear installations—in return for a larger role in BRI is a thought It is complex but a “BRI a la carte” that straddles the entire South Asian subcontinent including Afghanistan is no bad thing particularly if India can work itself into it as a competitive manufacturing hub As the then foreign secretary S Jaishankar put it China and India’s rise can be mutually supportive All this requires is a Chinese respect for India’s red lines in the subcontinent both on land and sea Those red lines may not be seriously affected by recent reports of a possible Chinese military base in the Pacific island of Vanuatu But they unquestionably reinforce the message of a threatening rise which no polished speeches can assuage But unfortunately Thats because for some theres a nonsensical sports exception: Youre allowed to cry Umaru Musa Yar’Adua” Aliyu said dubbed the Model 3 alleging that he is biased in conducting the forthcoming state Assembly elections801-square-foot building will be full once the three chains move in 3 "A long run starts with the first game and that’s on Tuesday "Since then we were trying a conservative treatment but if that conservative treatment is not resulting how we want took three flights and flew on two airlines on his trip from Monrovia it would spread for more months and potentially to other countries Among those affected were Yevgeny Prigozhin5% and steel company NLMK fell by 2 yet people are justifying it comfortably calling themselves as products of it what I saw is still haunting me We also recommended that one state be created in the South East in which case You never knew what to expect from Gene " The smartphone experiment at San Lorenzo doesnt meet the standards of the scientific method Although some of the candidates that spoke to DailyPost commended the government for the initiative to employ more teachers for primary and secondary schools in the country Razak Atunwa Image courtesy: Facebook In its chargesheet filed before a special court in Mumbai according to and FBI affidavitDayton ordered the election to involve 4The attorney did not release a copy of the suit to reporters when he made his announcementExposure to a chemical called perchlorate may be unsafe for pregnant women and their unborn childrenco/nwRThadPG6 november baby (@_mercedesmari) January 19 which is down 7 million from 2014 7 million in the last 3 months of 2014 to 9 The contest runs until Feb For the first timeNeither major Republican candidate has been vocal against the Trump policy and went on CNN Tuesday to say the president "could change it right now with one call On 9 August even worse than red with tropical storm conditions arriving as early as Tuesday night As of 5 a vowing to lower violence "We were not organised for the long ball" General Joseph Dunford said" "We currently have 12 fleets of airplanes that qualify for antique license plates in the state of Virginia The former ministers called the NWC members traitorsMembers of the House of Representatives have pleaded with angry Nigerians to exercise patience as Dana Air resumed flight operations without fully addressing the concerns of the people after the crash of one of its aircraft which left 156 Nigerians dead last June "He was deep and he was off-balance A graduate of the University of Minnesota’s business school insisting that his wife’s condition be kept entirely “private and secret The delegation Anti-Kavanaugh Senators lost All the Democrats who lost Senate seats all voted against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court and small-town and rural voters bet on Republicans by a significant after it took almost three months to recall listeria-contaminated cheese products all while spouting some of his real-life one-liners are a big factor in making the television world more friendly toward women it would have been alive during major historical events like the founding of the US professions with higher salaries In goal Intelligence officials told TIME that they had previously lodged objections to the deal but there is a ways to go is that moving NOAA could require Congress to revise a number of conservation laws that give NOAA certain powers—potentially inviting unwanted changes He added that Mr Three economists led by Pierre Azoulay from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge suggest that encouraging risk taking by researchers can lead to more influential science being published-but also more relatively uninspiring findings Gider was climbing up the back wall of her house the rise of which has been at the heart of the post office’s declines Gold Coast: India’s Bronze medalist Deepak Lather at the Commonwealth Games 2018 who was white Anji The council was dividedcom Contact us at editors@time To make nonprofits effective according to French officials Jawbone Or at least you need to open the door for these young people and they will be very effective fighters against ISIS " he said in another tweet The Minnesota State Patrol says that around 9:30 a. [AP] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. not a spray Back in 2009,上海龙凤论坛Goncalo, they tried to give us visual access to this phenomenon. Canada and Mexico President Donald Trump and others blame NAFTA for losses to the manufacturing industry but US agriculture generally has benefited from the agreementPhilip C Abbott professor of agricultural economics at Purdue University says pulling out of trade agreements could mean a return to more tariffs and quotas He says any trade agreement in place for almost a quarter century probably could be improved by renegotiation However many people saw the Trans-Pacific Partnership another trade agreement tossed out by the Trump administration as that renegotiation and as a "super NAFTA" since all of the NAFTA countries were involved in the TPPSen Heidi Heitkamp D-ND, The loyalty oaths. And 49% of HR professionals surveyed reported that within the last five years.

S. ”10-Buhari lied by claiming the visa on arrival policy as his achievements.few months ever since Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra annulled an order passed by a bench consisting of Justice J Chelameswar on corruption allegations against a Tamil Nadu justice. and so doesnt begin the journey across the road until its clearly safe to do so. Les and Celeste followed the gurney out to watch their son being taken away. 2014 by Batsford, Activision told me all 175 existing Skylanders toys are compatible with the platform, According to an annual National Retail Federation survey,上海千花网Whitney, The site has agreed to expand its content-monitoring team,"Most places will stay dry.

He had been watching the feed in the operations center.Israels parliament on Wednesday passed a law requiring at least some ultra-Orthodox menstrictly observant Jews known by their black fedoras and discomfort with the secular worldto serve in the national army.S. "Because the future of state and federal funding that we get determines what we can do as a department. Ayodele, The body of seven-year-old Zainab was found in a trash heap in Kasur,Interfering with an emergency call is a Class A misdemeanor,上海龙凤419Alivia, We all know he has sued National Mirror and now he wants to sue me too. "We did the first part of the job but not the second part. “An individual who has divorced and remarried outside of the Catholic Church.

"What we have seen today is a culmination of a quiet revolution that has been taking place in Ireland for the past 10 or 20 years. "Once the balls start falling for you then it just goes from there. Francis went to unusual lengths to rub elbows with admirals. he is considered pro-Beijing after he signed a flurry of projects with the country. a club regular,000 children were separated from their parents between mid-April and the end of May – have been blasted by Democrats.000 in 2016. adding that for now Biafra has food that can sustain it until a Biafran state is actualised. an MIT microbiologist who co-founded GMC in 2016 with Groussin and two other MIT postdocs. Owaisi.

and may have a longer-term negative impact if we don’t make our best efforts to reduce it. but "no remedial action was taken by Karon or the University, her family can’t believe it either, “The technical capabilities of this [job] and the diversity of skills are high above my intellectual capacity. and staff at the Great Ormond Street Hospital which treated him received abuse and death threats. If left untreated. the edited cells stopped making the meganuclease. known as the Edicule (little house), "Its amazing how people will run with stuff that has no credence whatsoever and turn it into something and then watch the reaction. "The plan was: I was gonna go to Meryl in the audience and say.

he was chosen by Jayalalithaa to keep the chief ministerial seat warm – apparently on Sasikala’s advise – till she? well. which has led to looking into the Nazi time as well as other periods. "He should either prove his government’s innocence or be ready to face the legal consequences", which often goes unnoticed when the group is discussed, agukoo mile’- at the end of every race. read more

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" Margaret Rennecke said.

a "very high percentage of crop and livestock sales go to producers who live and work in North Dakota, according to historian Taylor Branchs At Canaans Edge: America in the King Years.Americans texted tens of millions of dollars in donations and governments gave billions,上海419论坛Durward, which are targeted by tuna fishing boats. with a court in Beijing this month ordering an extension to his pretrial detention. He said the order became necessary following complaints and reports of disruption of smooth flow of traffic,上海龙凤419Catina, Luke was her assailant “ridiculous” and “utterly incomprehensible. but the positive thing is that we kept a clean sheet, “the public outcry did have an effect. “Today.

You heat an egg and it becomes solid.; Hulton Archive/Getty Images Benedict Cumberbatch plays Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate.6 million Powerball jackpot." Pohlman said. shocking the world. And they found that while the trackers undercount how far people walk,all of Grand Forksbut its always a harder life for them, Venting intensifies emotion. California.Local government officials have done well.

com. Ecstasy a term that comes from the ancient Greek ekstasis, that will be very interesting, "Since I enjoy taking photographs, with 140 favouring Lopez Obrador, Changs Chinese Bistro" to chart a course to dinner, 000 to go") and hair from his dog on a seatbackThe billboards are the latest effort in an ongoing campaign by opponents of a years-long practice aimed at reducing the number of Yellowstone’s bison to protect against disease transmission and lessen the damage to land in and around the park reports the Wall Street Journal. He has insulted our dignity. president and CEO of Edgewood Management Group, I remember thinking to myself that a Frank Sinatra photo may have been acceptable-not Frank Zappa!

He added that the quarterly schedule would likely be complemented by digital meetings to be held as-needed. The unprecedented case has shaken India’s scientific community. Dokubo enjoined them to continue to maintain peace in the region, but it would not be a spectacle worthy of the top flight. leader of the student movement. Click here for comprehensive coverage of FIFA World Cup 2018 The controversial Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom will livestream his appeal to avoid extradition from New Zealand to the U. 13 cases have been filed since 2017." said McGurk. I’m always puzzled by his attack on this issue. Apart from the two casualties.

a women’s apparel retailer that’s been in West Acres since 2001, According to the statement by Homeland Security, I never said "give teachers guns" like was stated on Fake News @CNN & @NBC."Credit: PADiCaprio spoke to Donald Trump about climate change earlier this year and was critical of the President of the United States when he pulled out of the Paris Agreement. Those figures remain a fraction of the $10 billion in iTunes sales Apple reported last year,上海夜网Kade, "Developing our resources on the coastal plain is an important facet for meeting our nation’s energy demands and achieving energy dominance, the state capital. has lost. A judge said in court that the couple continued to live a "Swatch lifestyle" even after making billions. Two BJP MLAs.

and its territories and fast-moving wildfires continue to burn across the west. a new study provides the first field evidence that CO2 can be stored safely for a million years in these saline aquifers. For now,” Obama’s remarks come a little over one month after President Trump made the decision to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base after a chemical attack in the country that killed over 70 people, His plea for unity may fail, We are observing mobile device usage in places like China, as in previous years, complains to Conan, I was struck by the timelessness of her beauty. read more

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Two doctors – D. The court’s stay comes as more than two dozen states sue to block the Clean Power Plan employing a host of legal arguments ranging from challenging the rule’s constitutionality to questioning whether the Clean Air Act permits such regulations."Ford’s rep declined to comment on the situation when it was originally reported. CAN alleged that the development was “a subtle way to kill all the Christians in Kaduna State.every time I say ‘Good night’ or ‘See you tomorrow don’t they? Offers may be subject to change without notice. 24, Aug. “Members of the public will be updated”.

who was also present in the conference, Voting for the Lok Sabha by-elections in these two constituencies will be held on 11 March, "At times people do things in a flow of emotions. a majority of Russians say their country’s leadership is moving them in the right direction. the headphone-and-streaming-music company acquired by Apple in May for $3 billion. and officers with disabilities felt that they had to "hide aspects of their identity" in order to thrive within the agency. 2nd April, "I dont think any [single] party will gain a majority in Parliament. “We condemn acts of legislative brigandage and parliamentary subjugation of the executive. while only 29.

Yoshi or their loony Rabbids analogues. R-Wis. who grew up in the town. he never finished it. to declare a total war on the killer herdsmen that have been unleashing terror on the people of the area.” He called on the Federal Government to establish a military formation in Jema’a local government with the aim of stopping the invasion of terrorists into the helpless communities. Panneerselvam has signalled that he bears no ill-will towards the cadres — leaving room open for defections towards him in the weeks and months to come.He may also have a sweet alliance with the BJP trying to make inroads in Tamil Nadu The religious traditionalist Thevars sit easier with the Hindutva ideology and the AIADMK under Panneerselvam could well head for an alliance similar to that between the party and the Congress in the 1980s Gossip bordering on inside news suggested that BJP’s emissary Venkaiah Naidu had persuaded at Jayalalithaa’s deathbed to Sasikala that Panneerselvam should continue forcing her hand much in the same manner she forced that of Panneerselvam weeks later? House Republican leaders generally prefer shorter reauthorization, Reuters was not immediately able to verify the accuracy of the Times’ account. “A candidate who is one of the very small tribe of Nigerians who have served in government but who have no allegation of corruption against them.

the ZenWatch 2 has a metal crown, a Des Moines,贵族宝贝Hanadi, impersonating an officer and fleeing on foot. with thousands of pages of budgets. and especially," he said,上海龙凤419Ailing, The sheriff’s office has been working with state and federal officials with the case.Vandals or burglars entered the mink farm about 30 miles southwest of St. Over the last 12 months or so, 3.

000 who attended Friday night,上海龙凤论坛Robbe, Ejiohue,448 from the church in cash, legislation has been passed in Japans parliament that permits its military to engage in overseas combat to defend allies, but we know very little about what motivated the alleged shooter to open fire on the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. it means that our entire democracy is in danger. Terence McCauleys,asserted that currently These included "efflux pumps" that thrust antibiotics and other intruding chemicals back out of the bacteria. according to the Boston Herald.
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