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first_img Why we love the women of Marvel 33 Photos Tags Now playing: Watch this: TV and Movies Post a comment In our epic Women of the Marvel universe Heroes🦸‍♀️ vs. Villains🦹‍♀️ showdown, #CaptainMarvel remains a fan favorite, with Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix getting closer to a showdown 👀Here are the results from all of your votes last week 👇Stay tuned for round 3 voting pic.twitter.com/d7YOCHHWto— CNET (@CNET) March 11, 2019 Marvel WE HAVE OUR CHAMPION:It’s all over, folks. Captain Marvel cut down the metaphorical nets in this tournament and won it all. Keep reading to find out how she emerged as the queen of this dance.Forget March Madness. We have a much geekier tournament for you: the Women of the Marvel universe bracket smackdown. There are four divisions with 32 badass heroes and villains from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, comics, X-Men movies and crossovers and more. The final matchup will pit one goodie against one baddie… and only one woman of Marvel will be left standing in our mega bracket.Best of all: You get to decide who that is right here (click out to Twitter for the full thread!). Meet the Antiheroes division. These villains are ambitious, remorseless and determined to win, no matter the cost. Click the names for more on each icon’s history, powers and appearances. (Note some appeared under different names in Marvel’s comic books.) Mystique: Marvel’s version of the Big Blue Nation. She’s a shape-shifting mutant with even shiftier motives.Typhoid Mary: With more personalities comes more power, apparently. As Mary, she’s powerless; unleash her uncontrollable personas, Typhoid Mary or Bloody Mary, and she’ll use telekinesis, pyrokinesis and mind control to defeat you.Nebula: This cyborg is incredibly skilled in battle. Her wrists are affixed with blasters that can incinerate a human with one shot. Proxima Midnight: A hand-to-hand combat expert. She’s crafty with a spear and has escaped a lot of close battles to fight another day.Emma Frost: A real diamond of a villain. No really, this Omega-Class telepath can transform herself into a diamond, making her impervious to almost everything.Psylocke: A telepathic mutant and martial-arts master who can use telekinetic weapons in a fight.Elektra: A stabby, hot-headed assassin. She’s trained in Ninjutsu, but her temper gets her into trouble. Aida: This is what happens when artificial intelligence working for S.H.I.E.L.D. gets a little too complex. She’s a fascist, teleporting robot with feelings. Angry feelings. See who’s winning and who’s been knocked out every week on our main bracket page. Plus, check out the other categories here:  Heroes: Blockbusters division Heroes: Mavericks division Villains: Secret Destroyers division Originally published Feb. 24 at 6:30 p.m. PT.Updated March 29, 2:32 p.m. PT: Adds final result. Women of the Marvel universe bracket: Vote for your favorite heroes and villains Round 4 results: The Final Four has wrapped up, and the Antiheroes division is eliminated. The Dark Phoenix proved too powerful for Mystique. The Phoenix will now represent the villains in the fifth and final round.Voting for the final round, Captain Marvel vs. Dark Phoenix, is open now on Twitter.com/CNET.Round 3 results:Round Three has come to a close and a Cinderella favorite has been eliminated.After evading elimination through two rounds of voting, Emma Frost will be headed back to Boston. Mystique triumphed as division champion, but she’ll be an underdog in Round Four. The blue-blooded shape shifter will move on to face someone she knows well — Dark Phoenix.Who will emerge victorious? Head over to Twitter.com/CNET and cast your vote today.Round 2 results:Round Two just wrapped up, and the deuces are wild. After two upsets and two decisive victories, there are just two antiheroes left.Someone once said, “A diamond is forever,” and maybe there was something to the claim, because Emma Frost just will. Not. Quit. The ice queen has been blazing hot through two rounds of voting, taking down both Psylocke and Elektra in back-to-back barn burners. But does she have an extra trick up her sleeve to make it to the next round? Frost will need ice water in her veins to get past the dominant Mystique.Head over to Twitter.com/CNET now to decide who advances to the Final Four. Round 1 results:The first round is over, and each division is down to four lady bosses.Haters will say the Antiheroes division is rigged. And Mystique would probably assassinate those haters, because she is in a good position to outlast everyone else in this division. That’s partly because the ice-cold Emma Frost upset Psylocke in a barn burner first-round matchup.Mystique goes up against a fellow blue devil, Nebula, in the second round. But if there’s going to be another upset in the division, it will be because YOU say so. Vote now on Twitter.com/CNET or click below!  Women of Marvel Captain Marvel Black Panther X-Men The Avengers 18:39 Share your voice Emma Frost vs. Elektra— CNET (@CNET) March 4, 2019 0last_img

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